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Welcome to Ukwacarnival 2019

The Rhythm of Peace

28TH - 30TH DECEMBER, 2019

Welcome to the Annual Ukwacarnival Edition 2019

The Rhythm of Peace

I invite you, from all roads, Highways and low valleys, Beyond the sea and across the river, I invite you to my celebration of art, beauty and culture to my celebration of peace and wellbeing, I invite you to my gathering of joy where every man is one man Where every tribe is honoured, this is a celebration of cultures, of pride in who we are, from wherever we are.

Every culture is celebrated, I invite you to join me as we dance to The Rhythm of Peace, I am Ukwa, I invite you to this celebration of beauty, where culture is adored

28 — 30 DEC 19

28 — 30 DEC 19

28 — 30 DEC 19

Carnival Highlights

28 - 30, 2016

Ezumezu Cultural Dance Fair Carnival Ground
Royal Procession Carnival Ground
Maiden and the Pot Carnival Ground

Champions of the Town Square Champions Square
Ada Ukwa Contest Main Stage
Band Street Party Carnival Arena
Skaters Competition Carnival Arena

Next Big Star Main Stage

UKwa Carnival Queen Pageant Cultural Fair

Carnival Band Parade  Carnival Arena

Music & Comedy Main Stage
Praise Fiesta Main Stage

Lots More


Highlights from last year

Destination Uncommon

Towards the end of the year, people of every gender, religion and color flood the streets and get together for a celebration of acceptance, love and joy at (Ukwa Carnival)

Countdown To Ukwacarnival

Obehie. 28 — 30 Dec 2019


Festival Stage Map

For the upcoming carnival we’ve put a lot of effort to ensure that information to navigate, and security detail has been put in place. We also have a number of volunteer organizations to assist with medics and utilities to create an amazing carnival experience


Parade Route




Cross Points

Close at 6:00 pm

Medical Tent


Water Closets




Carnival Accesories